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Benedict Cumberbatch and a penguin // (x)

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Welcome James!
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Barça offered me 5 millions more than Madrid, but I don’t play for money, but for the love to the white jersey. 
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Jesus was a homeless Palestinian anarchist who held protests at oppressive churches, advocated for universal health care and redistribution of wealth, before being arrested for terrorism, tortured and executed for crimes against the state, now go ahead and explain to me why he’d vote conservative. I’ll wait.

i’m sorry that’s just the best sentence i’ve ever read

Canon Jesus is so much cooler than American Jesus.

thank you

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"No one tells me how I live my life. No one tells me who I love. Especially not some vindictive, prehistoric witch and definitely not the universe. And I’m not going to let someone else’s idea of destiny stop me from loving you, or being with you, or building a future with you, because you’re my life"

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Meanwhile, in Gaza…


Meanwhile, in Gaza…

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Happy 38th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (19 July 1976)

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